The Direction


Alphons von Aarburg - Artistic Director, Choirmaster

Our choirmaster is the artistic director and founder of the Zurich Boys’ Choir. For over 50 years, the accomplished pianist, trained at the Zurich Music Academy amongst other institutions, has stood at the forefront of the famous Swiss Boys’ Choir as musical director and choirmaster. He was taught by renowned musicians such as Hedy Kraft and Ceslaw Marek (piano), Hugo Wolfgang Philipp, Franz Pezotti (choir leadership, music theory and choral singing). For many years, Alphons von Aarburg taught music as one of the principal teachers of the Music Department of the Teacher Training College of the Kantonsschule Ausserschwyz. As the Zurich Boys’ Choir subsequently gained in popularity, size and fame, the choirmaster decided to focus entirely on what is actually his own lifework.


Konrad von Aarburg - Choirmaster

As soon as he graduated from his musical studies, Konrad von Aarburg took on the responsibility of deputy choirmaster of the Zurich Boys’ Choir. In this role, he regularly takes charge of soloist groups with their different projects, training the boys for their roles (Zurich opera house Magic Flute and Poppea etc.) and is jointly responsible for the register-rehearsals (intensive rehearsals in small groups).Konrad von Aarburg studied at the Zurich University of Arts in the department of Music. More specifically he studied singing under Jane Thorner- Mengedoht and he graduated with an instructor diploma as well as a concert artist’s diploma. Daniel Fueter was his mentor in song interpretation. Alphons von Aarburg attended to his son’s piano training and gave him his most important impulses in his training as a choirmaster. Alongside his many responsibilities in the Zurich Boys’ Choir, Konrad von Aarburg teaches solo singing at the Kantonsschule Ausserschwyz and leads a prominent church choir.



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